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Our Success Stories

  • Pet name DAISY
  • location phoenix
  • diagnosis stomatitis

Daisy’s stomatitis was so bad it was affecting her quality of life. She was not wanting to eat and was beginning to lose weight. She stopped wanting to be around her family because she was in so much pain. Daisy was presented with needing oral surgery and price was a concern. Palfund was used to help cover most of the cost of her surgery. After her surgery, Daisy was back to her normal self and got to live the rest of her 9 lives.

  • Pet name Taffy
  • location phoenix
  • diagnosis pyometra

Taffy was a sweet young puppy that had Pyometra, which is an infection of the uterus. While this condition is common, the surgery can be very expensive. Her owner did not think she would be able to afford the lifesaving procedure. That’s when PalFund stepped in and helped Taffy’s owner afford the surgery that gave little Taffy her life back.

  • Pet name Allen
  • location phoenix
  • diagnosis enucleation

The cutest little old man chihuahua was in so much pain from glaucoma and suffering with terrible teeth. Pal Fund was able step in and have his eyes removed and teeth cleaned with the needed extractions. Although he can no longer see, he’s pain free and a whole new puppy!

I traveled 3 hours to Phoenix to have dental extractions and lumpectomy

done on our Bassett hound Belle. The staff was very professional and quickly responded to our questions. The staff took great care of our girl!
Fantastic service and kindness.

Saved my family a lot of money and more importantly saved our puppy with a leg injury requiring amputation.

Highly recommend Dr. Kelly and staff.

I had a scare from another veterinary clinic that my dog Taffy had Pyometra which is usually fatal. The other vet wanted an outrageous amount of money to do the surgery. I am on a fixed income and couldn’t in any way afford their prices.

“I was in a panic that I would lose little Taffy in a horrible way. “

Dr. Kelly’s was recommended to me and from the first phone call to them they were so caring and helpful.

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